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Earlier this month, I launched the “Career Transition Program,” a bi-weekly conversation on Clubhouse room, to help young and mid-career professionals seeking to pivot from their current career path find answers. The program will feature different mid-career professionals from various fields who had pursued a non-linear career path.

For this month, the program hosted Evelyn Dan Epelle, a Media and Communications professional at KAFTAN TV, where she serves as a Head of Department and Evans Akanno, a product lead and CEO of Cregital.

Evelyn, who was the first to co-host the program, has an engineering degree and previous engineering work…

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My “breakfast thoughts” segments is one of my favorite sections on the blog, where I write out my thoughts while having breakfast. Sometimes I get personal with the details shared, other times I discuss sundry matters, and today, it’s a bit of both.

My table is set in a quaint manner for two, I’m having a variety of English biscuits with tea. Thanks, Andy for the setup! My readers know a beautiful set up of English tea is always up my ally of breakfast choices.

Ok my thoughts while I munch on breakfast!

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Dear Reader- its been a minute I popped up on your radar! I feel guilty for abandoning this space and allowing it lie fallow. I used to be a woman of many words both written and spoken. But lately I’ve found that ideas I form would exist in a cloud and spoof, disappear, whenever I attempt to write them down.

Thus, I have found myself overburdened by guilt, the guilt of being a faux writer. You see writing is such a treacherous art, one day you feel like Zeus in control of the planet, after you’ve written some courageous, clear…

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When the bells rang to usher in 2020, and to signal the entry into a New Decade, no one could have anticipated the unexpected plot in this year’s events- It started with Kobe Bryant’s death in January.

I remember vividly, where I was when the news of Kobe’s death broke and the overwhelming emotions that trickled down my brain when I registered my grief. There are people we perceive to be immortal, and Kobe was one of those for me. …

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The past 2-weeks have been an overwhelming experience for most young Nigerians who sought to bring an end to police brutality, through the #ENDSARS movement. The climax of their seething emotions eclipsed on Tuesday, October 20, at the Lekki toll gate Lagos, Nigeria where ‘affirmation gatherings’ of the movement had held.

A lot of people watched through a livestream on IG in dismay, and helplessly as the Nigerian army opened fire on peaceful young protesters. These protesters had held onto the Nigerian dream through its flag while singing the national anthem.

Nigerians were not over the shock and horror when…

How Women Work: Examining the role of Women on Board Leadership Positions and its Effect on Organizational Productivity


I. Introduction

This paper addresses the question how do women work out in comparison to their male counterparts on boards? What impact do women have on cultural change and governance in firms in comparison to their male counterparts? It highlights culture change theories and arguments for the wider adoption of board gender inclusion policies.

Many governments’ reforms are geared towards changing the cultural attitudes towards women. They seek to reduce structural barriers at work in a bid to include women in leadership…

Ming Smith, Pharaoh at the Bottom Line, New York, NY., 1977. © Ming Smith, Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery

I took a long break from writing my top article reads for the week. The world is hard as it is, and to maintain a tranquil energy for as long as possible, I have leaned to less dense materials with focus on whimsical stories. In today’s roundup, I share summaries of a few of the articles I’ve come across that explore ideas in art, literature, and lifestyle.

About Life

I read a brilliant piece by Maryam Sefati, where she chronicles her experience as an immigrant in America, metaphorically weaving each phase of her experience with the life cycle of a plastic bag…

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Introduction to Gender Justice

I recently completed a course on “Introduction to Gender Justice,” facilitated by Oxfam. Gender-justice discussions can be polarizing, and complex, especially in places laden with cultural assignments and events over time that have suggested roles for men and women. A simple example, the normalization of women seen primarily as caretakers and men as breadwinners.

On Twitter, Nigerian women have shared and debated misconstrued perspective of gender-based roles. Mostly, exposing that more women carry the burden of raising families as breadwinners. …

Photography: Flatlay by @t2pitchy

“Antipatriarchal thinking, which assumes that both women and men are equally capable of learning how to love, is the only foundation on which to construct sustained, meaningful, mutual love.”

Brief Biography

Early in February, I read a book titled Communion: The Female Search for Love, by an indie author Bell Hooks, who is also the author of All About Love: New Visions. Hooks, is an acclaimed cultural critic, feminist scholar, and writer. Hooks through this text, mirrors and critics vast feminist and intersectionalist literature, she writes with a steady transition about her coming of age in understanding feminist movements. …

An illustration of black people
An illustration of black people

Welcome to another weekly roundup of my top reads for the week. It’s been such a dense and challenging time in America’s polity in the wake of protests kindled by years of ignoring prejudice and systemic maltreatment of black people. The articles underscored in this roundup mirrors in on the above discussion. I also add a few tech reads, which detail policy-related issues affecting the adoption of technology tools in Nigeria.

  • Literature

“Your book reading,” chronicles the life of a black author, who is sponsored for a book reading but is unsure of the perception, or vibes their audience will…

Grace Chimezie

I am on a quest, to find my magic, and I’ll share my dreams here, as they come. Also, a Comms strategist, working in tech & policy spaces, to bring about change

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